Two-color etching and pencil on paper. 2017-19(Ongoing) 

In this project, I’m exploring mapmaking as a mutually formative process between the body and the landscape. By carrying a plate with me in a backpack wherever I go, I record my movements onto etching plates; one plate each month, for eighteen months and counting. Each plate produces a print, and each print serves as a record; of the friction between a body and the world; of the physical marks made by my everyday life; of my actions and activity. Each page is paired with a list of recollections from that month. Mapmaking becomes an embodied process of mark-making.

Exhibited in the form of an open-ended accordion book, Backpack Tracks is an evolving map of movement and memory over space and time, showing how my body “writes” the landscape, just as it writes me.


Friction Journal 2: Pocket Plates

Two-color etching and pencil on paper. 2018.


Pocket Tracks was made by carrying a copper etching plate, covered in hardground, in the cargo pocket of my nomex pants on every wildfire I was assigned to during the 2018 fire season. The plate was then etched and printed using a two-color viscosity process and colors that are used by federal agencies in the US to chart land ownership (federal, state, or private holdings, etc). The prints are bound chronologically, and paired with a text describing the fire and my impact on it - the effects of which are recorded on the etching plate - along with the imprint, if any, it left on me.